Busbar System

Busbar System

ELINEKX Compact Busbar Distribution System 400…6300 A

The EAE E-Line KX Series compact busbar system is designed for use in projects requiring high power distribution, and is rated from 400A to 6300A using the latest technology.

ELINECR Compact Busbar Distribution System 630…6300 A

The body of the E-Line CR busbar is formed using DURACOMP, a composite material of epoxy resin and pure silicon which gives protection against arduous environments and high impact.

ELINEMV Medium Voltage Busbar Distribution System 950…5700A

The E-Line MV Series Busbar Systems, as the newest addition to the busbar product range, is offered with 12 kV and 24 kV variants. It offers safe and efficient power transmission. MV CR is manufactured in a single body with Al or Cu conductors embedded in DURACOMP insulation which is a composite material of epoxy and pure silicon.

ELINEKB Compact Busbar Distribution System 800…6300A

The E-Line KB range compact busbar systems are used for vertical and horizontal distribution and transmission of power in facilities where large amounts of power are required.

ELINEKO-II Busbar Distribution System 160…800A

“E-Line KO Series” medium range busbar systems provide suitable solutions for electricity transmission and distribution in medium-sized buildings or industrial facilities. They can be used in horizontal or vertical applications. Tap off box solutions comprise sheet metal boxes with circuit breakers, or plastic boxes for small currents which are compatible with Miniature Circuit Breakers

ELINEMK Busbar Distribution System 100-160-225A

The small power range busbar systems of “E-Line MK Series” provide flexible and cost-effective solutions for the transmission and distribution of electricity in small-sized enterprises , workshops and industrial facilities