Automation Control System

Lightning Control System, Home Automation and Room Management

Building Automation Products with KNX and DALI standards

Power supplies, Line Coupler, IP router, Actuators, Dimmers, Logic Controllers, I/O Modules, Switches/ Thermostats/ Sockets, Universal Interfaces, DND/ MUR device, Sensors, Room Control Units, Touch Panel.

EAE Technology is one of the member companies of EAE Group, a certified R&D Center, and one of the KNX training centers in Turkey. The company is developing and producing all KNX products in Istanbul. EAE Technology’s KNX products are in use in 20 different countries right now.

EAE Technology is providing the below solutions with KNX and DALI devices:
•Commercial & Industrial Solution
•Guest Room Management Solution
•Smart Home and Residential Solution